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I'm an American artist from California, I've been living around Europe most of my adult life. I've always been interested in art but never had any formal training at a high level. Five years ago I moved to South of France and finally had time and space to get serious after so many years of traveling and starting over from zero. It was finally time to discover if I even was an artist. I've experimented with a lot of different media trying to find my voice, and have finally found it through the use of ceramics, one of my first loves a a kid. My art talks about our relationship with nature and the passage of time. A kind of timeless sadness and magic humans experience when confronted with the shifting beauty and chaos of life.


1998-2002: Visual Arts, Orange County School of Arts, Los Angeles, United States
2002-2006: Fashion Photography, Marangoni Institute, Milan Italy and London United Kingdom


2014 - Gallery Kadir Demir, Hamburg, Germany
2015 - Art Vivant, La Maison du Terroir, Le Rouet, France
2015 - Art in Place / s XIIIth Edition, Place du Grand Jardin, Vence, France
2015 - "20 x 20" Center Culturel Municipal de Vence, France
2015 - Gallery 10 Lombarts, Mougins France
2016 - The White Wall Gallery, San Francisco California
2016 - "20 x 20" Cultural Center of Vence, France
2017 - "20 x 20" Cultural Center of Vence, France
2018 - Salon International de l'art Contemporain, Marseille France

Solo Exhibitions

2017 - Swedish Cultural Center, Villa Ingeborg, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France


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Jardin Remarquable - Guesthouse - Atelier d'art

Propriétaire / Owned by Mitchell Darland


Celebrated fashion & design blog by Ivania Carpio

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"Plus tôt cette année, je reçu un message de l'artiste Mitchell Darland me dire comment une robe que j'ai fait inspiré une de ses œuvres. La peinture 3D massive de 1,5 mètre est intitulée Observation scientifique. Le manteau de laboratoire brillant blanc pur couvre la construction de base (blanc mat maté) et s'ouvre en bas. Une fenêtre violette douce montre un monde microscopique caché. J'aime la façon dont la plus grande partie est blanche mais a encore beaucoup de profondeur, j'adore comment les lignes douces dans la zone blanche vous forcent à se concentrer sur le centre et à explorer la petite fenêtre. Cela signifie tellement pour moi que la forme d'un vêtement que j'ai créé a servi d'inspiration pour créer quelque chose de complètement différent qui dépasse la mode. Il doit être le plus grand compliment que j'ai jamais eu sur Love Aesthetics. Merci Mitchell."
-Ivania Carpio

"Earlier this year I got a message from the artist Mitchell Darland telling me how a dress I made inspired one of his works. The massive 1.5 meter 3D painting is titled Scientific Observation. The pure white glossy “Lab Coat” covers the base construction (distressed matt white) and fans out at the bottom. A soft violet window shows a hidden microscopic world. I love how the largest part is white but still has so much depth, I love how the soft lines in the white area force you to focus on the center and explore the small window. It means so much to me that the shape of a garment I made served as inspiration to create something completely different that goes beyond fashion. It has got to be the biggest compliment I’ve ever gotten on Love Aesthetics. Thank you dear Mitchell."
-Ivania Carpio